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Superyacht Samar in Rostock – eine Entschuldigung!

In den letzten Tagen lag die Superyacht Samar an Haedge-Halbinsel in Rostock. Nahezu jede größere und kleinere Zeitung sah sich genötigt ihr Halbwissen zu publizieren. Mein geschätzter Kollege hat sich zu dem Thema wie folgt geäußert:

“We had the last week a quite large guest in Rostock and I would like to apologize for the high interest in yachts of our local newspapers and media. Large yachts are coming more often to Rostock […]. I personally would really appreciate if local media would be a bit more confidential when it comes to names. We want these yachts in our city and we don’t want to disturb the privacy of their owners. It will only result in avoiding Rostock as Superyacht destination. Thank‘s for your understanding!”

Jendrik Odenwald


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